Let's start this thing over, shall we? I've been seeing these posts around and I figured it'd be a fresh start!

Current Excitement: My new debit card will be here today! Sorry to start this off with something lame, but I lost my debit card a week and a half ago and since my bank is in Colorado, it's taken awhile to get a new one. In the meantime, I've learned that quite a few places still take checks! Also that Shaw's/Star Market, my new least favorite grocery store, is very prickly about doing so.

Current Blessing: My best friend. I've had a rough couple months emotionally and she sent the sweetest, kindest, most perceptive Valentine. It made me laugh and cry and miss her like crazy. Get your ass to Boston, girl!

Current Read: I read three books and two novellas this weekend. Granted they were all YA and incredibly easy to breeze through, but STILL. I just started "The Goldfinch" by Donna Tartt and I love it so far.

Current Music: SO HOT. I almost never listen to Top 40 anymore, but I have so much this weekend that iTunes Radio stopped playing the "Pure Pop" station. I guess I got cut off? I don't even LIKE Beyonce, but hot damn.

Current Guilty Pleasure: Massage! I've been in desperate need (and let's face it, the non-professional ones are nice and all but they don't get the job done) and I got a coupon in the mail, so I started my President's Day with 110 minutes of ouchy bliss. I like them to really get in there and work out the knots. Hurts so so so good.

Current Drink: Coffee! Actually water at the moment, but I really want some coffee. Like, a lot.

Current Food: Coconut oil. Can we call that a food? I mean, I'm not eating spoonfuls from the jar or anything - ick - but I roasted a bunch of Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes in it this weekend and it's my new favorite thing.

Current Confession: I think I am done with the online dating thing for awhile. I put myself out there a lot in January and the first half of this month. I got my heart and feelings bruised multiple times - hearing I was a "last hurrah" is something that's still stinging quite a bit - and I bruised some hearts and feelings myself. I'm just not up to it right now. Time to focus on making my life better with just me in it.

Current Wish List: Medicine, a nap, and my mommy. I'm home sick today. :(

Current Need: SPRINGTIME and SUNSHINE. I know I'm not the only one tired of coats and dirty snow and icy wind. I'm even tired of snow days. I KNOW.

Current Treat: Everything with buffalo sauce, all the time, forever. I'm addicted.